Supervision and Geological Monitoring

g4 During recent years, Geo-Log Geotechnical Services Ltd. has been actively involved in providing supervisory and geological monitoring services. Some of our projects are listed below:

Test Hole Drilling: Supervision of test hole drilling at different sites throughout Israel and abroad. Drilling to various depths combined with field tests, material and water samplings.Clients: Israel National Roads Company, TAHAL Consulting and Engineering Ltd., Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Defense, Emek Ayalon Ltd., the Moriah Company for the Development of Jerusalem, different planning firms, soil and foundation consultants, contractors and others.
g3Foundation Work: Close supervision of foundation drilling for buildings and installations at different sites throughout Israel and abroad. Supervision of drilling for drilled piles, drilled piles with Bentonite, C.F.A. and narrow diameter micropiles. Examination of the  underside of shallow foundations and their compliance with planning requirements.Supervision of drilling test holes on the underside of shallow foundations. For example, in the Neot Atidim neighborhood in Modi’in – supervision of drilling for drilled piles in combination with micropiles for 360 individual houses. Osem Logistics Center – supervision of narrow diameter micropile foundation drillings for various buildings. Nesher Ramle, Coca Cola production plant, supervision of drillings for piles C.F.A.Clients: soil and foundation consultants, planning firms and contractors.Supervision of drilling for piles, anchors and rock bolts. For example: Naan–Jerusalem railroad tracks – monitoring and supervision of reinforcement work using anchors and rock bolts carried out along the sections with problematic slopes. Hasanhedrin Towers – supervision of drilling for piles and anchorage work. Modi’in Transportation Center – supervision of reinforcing piles and anchoring.Clients: Ministry of Construction and Housing, Israel Railways Ltd., Baran Group Ltd., Shapir Ltd., soil and foundation consultants, and contractors.
Geological Monitoring: Monitoring geological and geo-engineering conditions once implementation is complete. For example, the Naan–Jerusalem railroad tracks – periodic examination of the geological and geo-engineering conditions along the length of the gradients and the excavated walls in order to identify problematic sections that are gradually being destroyed and/or localized rockfall.Client: Israel Railways Ltd.