Geo for Buildings

g2 During recent years, Geo-Log Geotechnical Services Ltd. has been actively involved in Geology and Geo-Engineering for buildings projects, some of which are listed below:

Urban Development and Building: hundreds of geological and geo-engineering surveys for buildings at all levels, starting with the single building through to the building site and ending with settlements anywhere in Israel; surveys for the expansion of settlements such as Terom, Even Sapir, Kibbutz Eilon, Metzubba, Bachan, Nacham, Shoresh and many others; surveys for new settlements such as Nurit, Ma’alei Gilboa, Yissachar, Haruvit; new neighborhoods in various settlements such as a neighborhood for recently-released soldiers in Marar, East Marar neighborhood, Maalot Tarshiha – Givat Oranim, Maalot Tarshiha West, Neot Atidim – Modiin, Machasia – Beit Shemesh, and others.
Surveys for Large-Scale Building Projects such as the American Consulate in Jerusalem, Osem Logistics Center, Hasanhedrin Towers, Shaul Towers Jerusalem, the military training camps city, and others.Clients: Ministry of Construction and Housing, Ministry of Defense, municipalities, local and regional councils, projects for planning and management companies, soil and foundation consultants.
Bridges: Akiva Azoulai Bridge in Jerusalem, Zeitim Interchange bridges, Adorayim Bridge, train bridges along the route of the Naan–Jerusalem railroad tracks; Trans-Israel Highway No. 6 – more than 10 over-bridges, Route 75, over-bridge crossing over the Kishon River, Hamograbim Bridge in Jerusalem; geological and geo-engineering surveys of sites intended for bridge installations, supervision of the drilling of test holes, monitoring the execution, including close geological supervision, of the
foundation drillings for the piles.

Clients: Israel National Roads Company, Emek Ayalon Corp., Moriah Company for the Development of Jerusalem, Israel
Railways, the Baran Group, and others.

Tunneling and Underground Thoroughfares: Eden Tunnels, 3 proposed tunnels along Route 79, Mount of Olives Tunnel (length – 1,300 meters); geo-engineering study, geological and geo-engineering mapping, planning and supervision of trial drillings including 700 meter long horizontal drillings.Clients: Israel National Roads Company and Moriah Company for the
Development of Jerusalem.