During recent years, Geo-Log Geotechnical Services Ltd. has been actively involved in transportation infrastructure projects, some of which are listed below:
Roads: Trans-Israel Highway No. 6, Jerusalem’s Eastern Beltways, Jerusalem’s American road, Hoovers Route (sections B and C), Routes No. 20, 40 (East Beersheva Bypass), 423, 431, 461, 4311, 531, Jericho-Rimonim Road, Highway 1 – Ibadiya, the Hanita connecting road, and many others. Geological and geo-engineering mapping of the route of these roads, supervision of investigative drillings, monitoring performance.Clients: Ministry of Defense, Israel National Roads Company, Ministry of Construction and Housing, local authorities, etc.
m4Interchanges and Junctions: Zeitim, Somech, Ashdod, Berachia, Alumot. Geo-engineering mapping; supervision of drilling of test holes along the ramps; access roads.
Clients: Israel National Roads Company, Moriah Company for the Development of Jerusalem, D.E.L. Development and Engineering Ltd., Emek Ayalon Corp., and others.
Railroad Tracks: Haemek train, the eastern train – Kfar Saba–Pardess Hannah, Naan–Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Gat–Beersheva, Naan–Lod, Akko (Acre)–Nahariya, Ben Gurion Airport East, Rishon Lezion, Naan–Jerusalem, and others. Geological and geo-engineering surveys along the route of the railroad track, supervision of drilling test holes, monitoring performance and geological follow-up.Clients: Israel Railways, the Baran Group, Dr. Ilan Yishai Transportation Infrastructures, D.E.L. Development and Engineering Ltd., Mahod Ltd., and others.
m3Grade Separations: numerous geological and geo-engineering surveys of the intersecting point between the road and the railroad track; assessing conditions for the purpose of building an overpass or an underground thoroughfare.
Clients: Yenon-Research and Design Ltd., Mahod Ltd., Hasson Yerushalmi Engineering Consultants Ltd., Amy-Metom Engineering Consultants Ltd., Dagesh Engineering - Design Motion & Roads Ltd., and others.
Marine Projects:  Hayovel  Port in Ashdod – Project Geologist.
Characterization of building materials for the marine and land facilities; testing and approval of rock to be used for the breakwater construction; survey of possible supply sources for building materials in Israel and abroad; approval of quarries; field and laboratory testing to characterize rock and other building materials and to assess the level of compliance with planning requirements.Client: the Israel Ports and Railway Authority;Ashkelon Seawater Desalination Plant – supervision of drilling of test holes.Client: Oceana Advanced Industries Ltd.
Airports: Timna Airport – Geologists on the team for the tender to build a new airport for the city of Eilat.Client:
Israel Airports Authority through Mann – Shinar Architects and Planners Ltd.