Professional Activities

Services offered by Geo-Log Geotechnical Services Ltd. include consultancy, planning, project management and supervision in areas relating to geology, geological engineering and environmental protection. 

The professional services offered by Geo-Log are applicable to all planning and implementation stages: pre-planning, initial planning, detailed planning, tender, implementation and follow-up once implementation is complete. 

Geo-Log provides the following services: 

Field Activities: 
Collection and processing of existing material, interpretation of aerial photographs, initial mapping to determine the conditions and to assess the options, determining the field research program, evaluation of the geological and geo-engineering effect on the location of the plant, soil and rock analysis to identify presence of contaminants, and environment-related consultation. 

Research and Planning:
Geological mapping, geo-engineering mapping, geomorphological mapping, environmental effect studies, environmental surveys.

Planning of Field Work:
Drilling and bores, excavations, field experiments and special tests; field work (drillings, excavations and experiments) and laboratory supervision; preparation of maps, cross sections and recommendations for implementation; ecological and sanitation surveys; planning the monitoring and sampling of soil, water and air contaminants; restoration planning; processing of data for use in specifications and contracts.

Supervision and Other Services:
Supervision of soil and rock excavations, supervision of the laying of building foundations (drilled piles, micropiles, CFA, inspection of shallow piles, supervision for drilling of test holes; follow-up and mapping during rock and earthwork stage for tunnels, roads, bridges, buildings, reservoirs, quarries, etc.; geological and geo-engineering quality control; identifying geological risks; identifying environmental risks.

Post-Implementation Follow-Up:
Follow-up on stability of embankment slopes, structures, cut slopes, etc.; analysis of the effect of geological and environmental factors.