Environmental Planning

During recent years, Geo-Log Geotechnical Services Ltd. has been actively involved in environmental geology projects, some of which are listed below:

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Contaminated Land

Eastern Wastewater Collector – inspection along the length of the pipeline route ( 26 km) and the pumping stations; ground and water sampling to identify contaminants and to acquire an overall picture.Ramat Hovav – study of the disposal site for contaminated waste to assess and characterize the conditions at the site. Drilling of sub-vertical test holes in a contaminated cross-section; ground and rock sampling; proposed waste disposal site Appah – study of on-site conditions in preparation for conversion to a waste disposal site. The Magen plant – ground samples taken from a depth of 30 meters to check for contaminants. Hasivim 2 Petach Tikva – survey to check for contaminants. Neveh Lon Beersheva – mapping of an old garbage pit deeply buried underground in an area intended for development and housing.Clients: TAHAL Consulting and Engineering Ltd., Israel Military Industries, Denber Paints and Coatings Israel Ltd., soil and foundation consultants, and contractors. Environmental Consultation:Consultant on environmental protection for the Ministry of Defense.