Moshe Yarkoni

Qualified geologist. Owner and CEO of “Geo-log Geotechnical Servises Ltd.”
MSc in Geology from Tel Aviv University, 1984.
Professional Experience
Moshe Yarkoni is a geologist with more than 25 years of experience. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of surveys and tests from the feasibility stage through to the detailed planning stage in a range of geological and geological engineering projects in Israel and abroad. His work includes geological and geo-engineering mapping; supervision of investigative drillings; locating suitable building materials; geophysical surveys; field and laboratory testing (soil and rock) for roads, bridges, tunnels, building sites, power stations, reservoirs, dams, quarries, pipelines and channels for water, sewage and electricity; supervision and coordinating the supervision of contract work above and below ground level; he also prepares specifications, quantities lists, and supervises contractors.